Tuesday, May 7, 2013

400 CAPS!!!!!

I am in total awe as last night I realized that we have given out at least 400 Caps of Hope!!!!  That means 400 people received not only a free cap, but also a little encouragement in knowing someone cares and prays for them.  Most importantly they received a card telling them about Jesus and the Gospel story.  This makes my heart so happy!!!!  I realized last night as I prepared a couple of caps that were requested by email that I was almost out of business cards.  I saw this as an inconvenience and was annoyed with myself for letting them run down to 3 without reordering until it hit me....when I ordered those cards I ordered 500 and I only have 3 left!!!!!  I have given approximately 100 out without a cap to doctor's offices and people I meet in town, but the rest have gone in the bags/envelopes with the caps.  Actually as I type this I realize that I was making caps before I even ordered the business cards so it's probably even more than 400!  Wow :)  What a blessing.  I sure wish I had been keeping records all along (I did start doing so at the first of the year ;-) )  I pray seeds have been planted and hope has been renewed through those 400 caps!  God is so great, it is amazing what HE can do with a little bit of fabric :) :) :)